Who is Incarcerated Bob?


Who really thought all the drama associated with national signing day would actually stop on February 6th? Ole Miss went on to sign the best class in school history and also the best class in history by a “non-traditional power”.  The spoil of victory also brings in the shadow of doubt and the accusations of naysayers. One name that has had twitter, message boards, and Facebook in an uproar is Incarcerated Bob. He has been mercilessly antagonizing Coach Hugh Freeze and all of rebel nation via twitter. Before we go any further, who in the world is Incarcerated Bob?

After taking some time and scouring the net, the best information I could find on Bob was a piece written by Robert Silverman who is a big time blogger who has also done work with ESPN.  He got his name and his first bit of fame as a regular caller on the Boomer and Carton radio show, on WFAN 660 in New York. He received his nickname by the show’s host due to a prison stint he earned by getting into an altercation with a Patriots fan during the 2008 Super Bowl.  Since his return and higher profile, Incarcerated Bob has made his name and living doing 2 things: picking winners and breaking stories.

If you follow his twitter account @IncarceratedBob , it doesn’t take long to see he is constantly talking gambling and making picks in every sport. Let’s take a short look at the big stories that Incarcerated Bob has broken:

-Darrelle Revis ending his holdout

-Peyton Manning signing with the Broncos

-Tim Tebow going to the Jets

-The finalizing of the trade that sent Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks

-The reason for the KG/Melo scrap, “Your wife taste like honey nut cheerios” scandal

Let’s take a look at some of his tweets aimed at Ole Miss that are causing discussion across the magnolia state:

-@incarceratedbob: @CoachHughFreeze Hi Coach #IBN here, how was dinner tonight… good? Almost as good as what i have cooking up here in NY #Doubtit #SMU

-@incarceratedbob:My stuff will probably be like USC was, maybe 2 years no bowl games but when other stuff comes out it can get scary for Ole Miss

-@incarceratedbob: @JonWallace20 Manti Teo story was known by Deadspin probably 3-4 weeks before made public, when time is right i will BLOW UP OLE MISS #BOOM

-@incarceratedbob: Oh u wondering why i haven’t blown up #Ole #Miss yet.. 1st off no incentive yet (I gamble) #Thinkonit +new WEBSITE coming ahh make sense now

I could go on because Bob has been on quite the tear of late but I won’t.  He claims to have paperwork of a vehicle for Nkemdiche that was paid for by an Ole Miss booster and has signatures of booth the relative and the booster. He also claims that he has been threatened to be sued by someone associated with Ole Miss I presume. For reference, he was threatened a lawsuit by the NBA and that didn’t stop so I don’t think he will back down now.

It will be interesting to see if this guy does in fact have anything and is not another Danny Sheridan “bagman in 2 weeks” scam.  My personal opinion is that I don’t believe he has a smoking gun. The only thing that even makes me question myself is his motive. What is it? I cannot figure out what interest a handicapper in New York has in an Atlanta prospect who signed with Ole Miss. It’s a very curios situation. Sheridan’s motives were transparent. A hatred for his school’s rival led to a smear campaign against them. There are a million alleged scandals, true or not, Incarcerated Bob could have chosen to promote himself. The question myself and many Mississippians wonder is why did he chose this one?


4 thoughts on “Who is Incarcerated Bob?

    • Carlos, I did read that piece in my prep for this piece. There are others out there that blast IBN as well. Truth is, the most credible person who has written him was Robert Silverman and that is the link I posted in the story. Silverman also had him for an interview so that made his stand out even more. Not calling the guy who wrote that story not credible (I read his bio & he sounds impressive) but he doesn’t carry the weight that Silverman does to me. To each his own and thanks for the feedback Carlos.

  1. Bob is very credible also broke Wallace to Dolphins about 4 days before it happened. Carlos and others keep posting hate just mad IBN is a force

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