Breaking News: Fight Night


Yesterday there were rumors swirling about a fight that took place at the KA house on campus at Ole Miss over the weekend. There was speculation as what may or may not have happened and acounts of the activity that allegedly took place have trickled in over the last 18 or so hours. The rumors vary but all include a fight, football players in attendence, and Marshall Henderson in attendance. After I recieved some text from my 1rst source, I recieved more text from somone close to the situation who informed me that this was currently trying to be kept quiet.

Here is account #1 from source A

“Well, it really was some guys who are not
KAs and they were being really racist and upset we had football players there and they were throwing racial slurs at them but it all stems from dumb people acting stupid.”

“Marshall Henderson wasnt in anything but he was there though.”

I sat on that as the same information circulated on a few different forums yesterday afternoon. I then recieved account #2 from who I’ll call source B. This is a screen shot of the email I recieved:


As you can see both accounts are a bit different. I will say that both guys have good connection with the Kappa Alpha fraternity so its hard for me to believe 1 more or less than the other. Some of the pieces of the story are contended so I continued to make calls and effort people familiar with the situation. I did check for any records of any arrest and could not find anything at this time.

There are only a few things I feel comfortable in saying with a decent amount of confidence regarding this incident. #1 is that a fight of some sort happened at the KA house on campus at Ole Miss. #2 is that Marshall Henderon had nothing to do with it and left before things got out of hand. I would like to add, good for Marshall. He takes a lot of heat and if this is indeed true he is learning from mistakes and maturing.

I leave yall with a reminder that nothing has been confirmed and if this is intended to be kept quiet it probably won’t get confirmed. 1 thing to look out for is if any suspensions are announced during the spring practices for violation of team rules. That could lend credence to this story. Again, if there are not police reports, I would consider that a longshot as well.


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