Reminiscing on the Football Season that Was

Reality has finally begun to set in that there is nothing really happening with football for the time being. This is the time of the year were I get a little sad inside. It’s still too cold to resume my 2ndfavorite hobby, salt water fishing. The other night I sat back and listened to Hank Willimas Jr “There’s a Tear in My Beer” and reminisced my top 3 favorite moments in football from the 2012 season that I was physically a part of.
#3 New Orleans Saints vs Carolina Panthers
I’ll be the first to tell you that I am not a huge Saints fan. I’d say they are in my top 3 but I’m primarily a Miami Dolphins fan. However, I am a huge fan of a good game in New Orleans and all the fun that comes along with it. Maybe I’m lumping the whole NYE weekend in N.O. but nonetheless a great weekend. The vibe in N.O was positive since Sean Payton was reinstated and signed a contract the day before (he was on Frenchmen Saturday night at 2am). My brother bought a fake ticket from a scalper and when he was turned away he went back and found the scalper with a cop and he got his money back and the cop tore up the scalper’s fake tickets. +1 for great police work. A really fun game that ended in a terrible officiating call and Carolina stealing a victory but a great time with the local season ticket holders in our section.
#2 MSU vs Tennessee
We were in the middle of our undefeated streak and Tennessee was our biggest test to date. At this point I still believed. There is no doubt that this was the best atmosphere in DWS the whole year. I really hope Stricklin reads that last sentence and embraces it and he lobbies his butt off for later kickoff times next year. The 11 am games are crowd and energy killers but the 8 pm game was electric. Pretty simple concept. After a great day of tailgating in the junction, a frenzied crowd, and a great game, MSU walked away with a 41-31 victory and the celebration continued until the wee hours.
#1 MSU at LSU
I’m sure you’re reading this wondering how my favorite moment was a road loss at the hands of the Tigahs. Due to some great friends and their wonderful generosity I was given the chance to be on the sidelines at Death Valley. Definitely an experience I will never forget because opportunities like those are few and far in between. The talk about Death Valley at night is not hype. It is the BEST atmosphere in college football bar none. Nothing cooler than being 2 feet from a live tiger. You can just feel the voodoo and energy in the air that can only take place in Louisiana. We went for the whole weekend and going to Tiger Land decked out in MSU gear might seem crazy but it was a blast as well. Besides the occasional “Tigah Bait” LSU fans may have the most undeserved wrap in the SEC in my opinion. Everyone we encountered was very friendly and led me to my best experience I had this football season. Cheers Tigahs, this Abita’s for yall.

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