Great read on Banks and Slay. Give it a look MSU fans. Hail State Beat continuing to do a great job.


Today, Johnthan Banks and Darius Slay have the biggest interviews of their life.

At the NFL Combine, the former Mississippi State cornerbacks are taking part in a job interview of sorts, working out in front of NFL scouts, coaches, general managers and media, with TV cameras rolling and every move, every tenth of a second, scrutinized across the country.

urlBut, despite, the stress, it’s the realization of a dream for the two who took very different paths to get where they are.

Banks has transformed himself from a zero-star recruit almost no one wanted to a Thorpe Award winner and All-American who many think will go in the first round of April’s NFL Draft.

A four-year starter with a boatload of interceptions to his name, Banks has plenty of tape for NFL teams to see.

One of the keys, many have said, is his 40-yard dash at the Combine.


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