SEC Speed to Burn



Why does the SEC always seem to have the best league? You hear it all the time: speed and athleticism. Resentment is growing at an all-time high nationwide and many in these regions attempt to disqualify this as a myth. As usual, the NFL Combine laser timed 40 prove that the SEC does in fact have the best speed. Above is a list of the official 40 times for the running backs and wide receivers in the combine.

Take a look at these lists and digest it.  Both positions high end speed guys are dominated by SEC athletes.  When you look at the 40 times of SEC guys at the end of this list, it is almost all the big guys for their positions. Cobi Hamilton at 6’3 209 and still running a laser timed 4.56 is unreal. The only name on the list that is a bit surprising is Ace Sanders at a 4.58. I think anyone who watched him play would argue that his quickness and lateral movement may be unparalleled. The fact that we even scoff at a 4.58 laser timed 40 is a sign of the times but that’s a whole new story.

These times just go to show you what you are up against in the SEC on a weekly basis. These guys are the top playmakers who are able to go the distance on any play. It just goes to show you that even when you play a “down” SEC team such as Tennessee or Arkansas last year, they were still both chock full of elite playmakers and you better bring your A game.

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