Dak Missing Spring? No Need to Worry


By now I’m sure you have seen on multiple sites the rumors that Dak Prescott either had or will have surgery and miss spring ball. It is being said that he has struggled with turf toe for some time and has to have the ligament attached to his big toe repaired. I don’t think anyone from MSU has officially confirmed this and I’m certainly not doing that. I’m going to operate under the assumption that it is true (I do believe it to be true).  The first thought that enters many MSU fans minds including myself was “Oh goodness, only 1 QB in the spring is not good.” While it is not an ideal situation, I gave it some thought and it really isn’t as bad as it sounds. When you look at all the reasoning I’m about to point out, I hope that you can relax a bit and not jump to the classic MSU fan “the sky is falling” attitude.

-After watching Tyler Russell for a while now it appears to me that when his confidence is up, he is very effective. If Dak misses the spring he won’t have to look over his shoulder. He can just focus on being the guy and getting better.

-Many forget Dak graduated high school early and has already gone through 2 springs. Again, it’s not ideal but missing his 3rd spring isn’t as bad as it sounds.

-Most of the receivers fighting for 1rst team reps this spring are: Robert Johnson, Joe Morrow, Jameon Lewis, Malcolm Johnson, Rico Sanders, and Fred Brown. Most of these guys have been on the 2nd team the last 2 years and have caught a lot of balls from Dak. They already have a good feel for one another and their tendencies.

-Most of the new receivers that will be fighting to crack the rotation excluding Jeremy Chapelle (early enrollee) are Fred Ross, Shelby Christy, BJ Hammond, and De’Runnya Wilson. They will not be here until fall camp. Dak will be 100% by then and able to form chemistry with these new guys.

-This is a toe injury and not something horrible like a throwing shoulder. I would guess that during his rehab he will be in a boot and still be able to throw. If that’s the case it’s not like he will enter the fall camp rusty from lack of throwing.

-This is the smart move by Dak and MSU.  I think we can all agree he will have an expanded role in the 2013 season.  It’s very wise to get this cleaned up now and miss the spring so we can have our guy Dak 100% for the fall when it really matters.

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