Rick Ray working hard to drum up support. Another good one from Hail State Beat


Under threat of tornado and with limited time before his weekly radio show, Rick Ray got in the car and drove to fraternity row Monday night.

After only 37 students turned out for his most recent home game (out of the 20,000+ at the school), Mississippi State’s head basketball coach decided something needed to be done for the final two games of the season at Humphrey Coliseum. The answer: go directly to the students.

photoAnd so Ray did, stopping by fraternity houses Monday night, sorority houses for lunch on Thursday and even The Junction for MSU’s 135th birthday celebrations.

His plan was pretty straightforward: actually be straightforward. Be honest. Be frank.

Monday night, with the rain beating down, Ray’s first stop was the Sigma Phi Epsilon house. Upon entering the front door, someone asked if, while he was there, he could sign a basketball.

“It’s for the Boys and…

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