The Baxter Price Story

Great piece on Baxter Price and his expanded role in his senior season. Guys like Price help make a program more then many realize. Another great job by Hail State Beat.


In the summer before Rick Ray’s first season, just a few months after he had been hired at Mississippi State, the new head coach of the Bulldogs went through individual workouts his the players he was just meeting and about to be depending on.

Walking across a mostly empty gym, Ray approached one of his walk-ons, Baxter Price, to give him corrections, letting him know what he did wrong and how to fix it.

The senior guard was a little confused.

“He kind of looked behind him and he was like, ‘Are you talking to me?’ That was the first time he had been coached and been in that situation,” Ray said.

A member of what was once called the Gold Team – MSU’s practice players comprised of walk-ons and the occasional ineligible player – Price was used to hanging in the shadows the last three years under former coach…

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