Friday Spring Practice Notes

I went to practice today and jotted down notes as it went on. I watched mostly skill position drills early due to their position to the view of the fans. I’ll go into more detail and my takes on Monday but here are my notes from today nonetheless.

-all rb’s look good on running play drills. They seem comfortable

-Milton is by far best route runner in the red zone check down drills

-Morrow drop in red zone. Doesn’t catch naturally

-Fred brown looks smooth in drills

-Jameon looks best shape since he’s been here

-Ricco Sanders is struggling

-Malcolm and Rojo are jacked. Big and ripped

-big hit by Redmond on pbu

-Nick James being disruptive

-James & Virges together were tough to deal with. Big & physical

-good 20ish yard grab by Rojo

-Josh Robinson runnin tough inside

-Jameon good routes, slick in traffic

-Carr has great hands, looks good

-Good run by Perkins. Shifty in traffic.

-Good grab by Hill in tight space

-Ladarius Perkins broke a long run

-Josh Robinson good run long run

-Jameon & Nickoe worked at fielding punts

-punter looked horrible early, boomed later on

-Skeleton passing drills the looked real good (Russell & WRs)

-Fred brown gets open easily

-int by Richie Brown

-great route and TD catch by Holloway. Slick double move to the corner of the end zone

-TD catch by Rojo on slant in traffic

-Brandon Hill is physical in red zone, good TD catch after defender contact

-Cox is physical at CB, looks real good. Plays mean

-great TD catch absorbing a big hit by Jeremy Chappelle

-Collins is much more hands on w/the whole D than Wilson was. Collins coaches every position

-Jameon is almost unguardable 1 on 1

-Malcolm w/a nice TD catch. He’s targeted in the red zone

-Nice TD reception by Milton. Good receiver out of the backfield.

-Quay and Nick together and motivated= a lot of disruption

-O line got good drive in goal line scrimmage situations to end practice

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