Spring Scrimmage Notes (4/12)

Here’s my notes from scrimmage yesterday. Had a very busy day so sorry about just getting this out. It was a beautiful day at DWS for some football. The main guys who didn’t participate because of injuries I noticed were Ladarius Perkins, Josh Robinson, and Zach Jackson. Quay Evans also was limited and I’m assuming its due to still being banged up.

-nice 15 yard catch by Rojo

-Nice no gain stop by McKinney. Met Milton in the hole

-Chris jones is huge!

-3 yard TD catch off play action for Christian Holmes

-13 yard run by Holloway on speed sweep

-Big physical hit by Chris Hughes, he then rips the ball loose and takes it away. He plays angry

-TFL for Wells on blitz. Got in back field quick

-Milton spins through the line for a nice 7 yard run

-Beni Brown in on 3 straight tackles. Being very active

-running inside been tough for both teams early in scrimmage

-long TD on WR screen by Jeremy Chappelle

-Redmond hearing it from Townsend after that play on the sideline

-tough 10 yard run by Milton

-Nice 20 yard grab over the middle by Malcolm Johnson

-Preston Smith is victimizing Clausell

-40 yard TD catch by Rojo. Great separation. Wide open

-Akins looks good for a walkon RB. Getting more reps due to injuries

-10 yard over the middle grab by Malcolm Johnson. Turning into the norm

-Wells blitzes off edge, sees draw and drops back in the hole to help McKinney on a no gainer stop. Really nice play by Wells

-Great break on the ball by Beni Brown, drops pick 6

-2nd team OL doing a much better job blocking 2nd team DL than the 1rst is w/the 1rst DL

-Holloway doesn’t shy from contact at RB. He isn’t scared

-Chris Hughes w/another really good play. PBU on a bubble screen. Flew over and blew it up

-87 fumbles a rec fighting for more yards. 8 picked it up but didnt have enough gas to score

-Long reception by Michael Carr. Broke some tackles

-nice grab by Carr on ball behind him. Good adjustment

-Holloway really can fly. Gettin a lot of carries

-Another TD reception by Christian Holmes. Dependable Hands. At the goal line they motion him back and forth like an Hback/fb

-1rst group KO return was Rojo and Redmond

-2nd group was Holloway and Cox

-Nice stop on a WR screen to Malcolm Johnson by Cedric Jiles. Came up and made the play

-Milton running tough, just not much room

-Rojo w/a reception on a 12 yard curl route

-2 bad drops for Fred Brown. 2nd one was a TD

-Beni Brown doesn’t drop the pick 6 this time

-Virges playing well. Really hustling and chasing the ball

-the D is audibling back the offense. Got caught showing an edge blitz from 1 side. Offense audibles. D then corner blitzes from other side. Pretty cool stuff

-Nick James has best defense celebrations hands down

-Jameon Lewis fumbles after catch. Couldn’t tell who caused it. Defense recovers. 1rst I’ve seen Jameon put it on the ground

-Richie does really well at getting to the ball even when the play goes a long way from him

-Just noticed Zack Jackson not dressed out

-Yet another big hit by Chris Hughes on pass coverage.

-Another 15 yard catch for Rojo. He and Tyler on the same page

-Tlyer just throws it up in the back of the end zone and Joe Morrow went and got it. Nice to see that

-Seeing some twisting and stunting by the DTs. That’s encouraging

-Nick James and Deandre Ward (walkon) stuff a run play for TFL

-Nice open field tackle after a reception by Justin Cox

-Really nice TFL by PJ Jones on an off tackle play. He came from backside and made the play

-Malcolm went up and got a high pass by Tuler for 25 yarder.

-Great TD on a corner route by Morrow. Really tight coverage but he went up and made the play

-Wells hems Holloway up for a no gainer on running play

-20 yards over the middle for Malcolm again

-Holloway bounced one outside and gets 12 yards

-Torrey Dale runs to the sideline to make the stop on Holloway

-Nice break on the ball by Richie Brown on a PBU. Richie is really good in pass coverage

-Devon Bell nails a 45 yarder that woulda been good from 55+

-Jameon Lewis w/a good grab but been kept under wraps for the most part today

-15 yard run for Multon right up the gut

-20 yard reception for Malcolm near sideline. Tyler rolled toward him

-Beckwith getting C reps

-Jameon Lewis with a 10 yard rec in traffic

-2 straight nice runs for Holloway for about 10 a piece

-Nick James getting after the QB. Gotta look scary seeing him run at you

On offense there were a few things that you just had to notice. Rojo and Malcolm Johnson had very good days. Those guys are big physical receivers who can make tough grabs and keep the chains moving. The other thing I saw was Joe Morrow. He made 2 big-time grabs in the back of the end zone that only a 6’4 athlete can make. It was very encouraging to see because our offense has lacked that dynamic. We don’t need the world from Morrow next year but if he can be that guy we saw today, we are golden. Also, Holloway at RB looks way more natural than I thought. At first I thought it may be an experiment but I’m doubting that now. Holloway runs hard and doesn’t shy from contact. He runs like a RB and not like a small WR trying to play RB if that makes sense. He may be earning a few touches a game back there. In the goal line, I really like our use of Christian Holmes. He has good hands and is a good blocker so it makes perfect sense.

On defense we saw some more guys step up. I’m not saying Chris Hughes is going to unseat a current starter but he’s making it impossible on the coaches to not play a lot. He plays extremely physical. He doesn’t try to just get the runner down, he tries to punish them. Really like how he plays. PJ Jones looks like our best DT. He’s really stepping it up out there. Saw him on multiple plays turn and run horizontally and get in on the stop outside of the tackle box. Beni Brown had his best showing. Made a bunch of tackles and got the pick 6 too. Physically, he doesn’t look or play like a freshman. Preston Smith is just gone to a new level with his play. If Tyler was able to be hit, he may have had 10 sacks yesterday. Last person I want to mention is Nick James. It really looks like he has turned it up also. Playing very hard and hustling his butt off. It looks like he LOVES playing football. A quick example is the whole DL got in trouble with Turner after a series and had to do 10 up downs. Nick James did 10 up downs the fastest and seemingly effortlessly for such a huge guy. He finished at least 4 reps before everyone else (who did them as if they were about to die) and cracked a sly smile and walked off. James acted like the up downs were easy, fun and didn’t care anything about it while the rest trudged through them.

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