“The NCAA has said it does not exploit current or former athletes.”

Just more NCAA nonsense. More good stuff from GetThePicture blog. Hard not to lose hope.

Get The Picture

The steady drip, drip, drip in the O’Bannon case continues apace.  I don’t think this is something the NCAA wants to have the public hear as the class certification hearing approaches:

College sports video games were designed to replicate actual players without using their names, a former Electronic Arts Sports executive producer said in his deposition as part of the Ed O’Bannon lawsuit.

Jeremy Strauser, who worked at EA from 1995 until 2011, testified last December that computer-game avatars were linked to specific player identifying numbers and biographical information, such as team depth charts, was used to make the game realistic.

“We generally tried to make the players perform as their real life counterparts, short of their name and likeness,” Strauser testified.

They all knew what they were doing with these games.  Either the NCAA can make itself look sillier by insisting otherwise, or it can start blaming EA for…

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