MSU and Ole Miss Target Elisha Shaw-Oops!!

One reason you have to love recruiting is the storyline and drama it brings. Unfortunately for Elisha Shaw, he brought this oops moment on himself. He is rated as the number 2 DT prospect in America and currently has 4 stars. He is right on the cusp of gaining a 5th star. It’s not uncommon for prospects to plead their case for another star or a bump in the rankings. That’s when things got weird for Shaw. He screen shot his rankings on 247 and tweeted out the picture. He didn’t close out his other tabs and 1 of them was porno.

For the record, I think he earns his 5th star and this doesn’t make any mark on his recruitment. The guy is a monster on the field. One thing you can bet on is Pastor/Coach/Recruiter Hugh Freeze now has an angle for his football career and eternal salvation.

Here is the screenshot picture he tweeted out


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