Rumored Arrest in Oxford: Fulmer Cup Lead?

It’s the time of the year when fans are as anxious as we can get for football season. The same goes for the players as they go through team workouts. The main difference is that anxious players blowing off steam in an empty college town can result in an early lead for The Fulmer Cup.

Let me say that I greatly appreciate everyone that keeps me informed of all the rumors through my site email because there is no way I’d have the time to wade through a ton of forums everyday. Today I woke up to an email saying that it was being discussed on Ole Miss pay boards that Nick Brassel and Barry Burnetti were arrested for possession of marijuana. All the same info from the Ole Miss pay board is now on a free forum six pack speak.

Let me be the first to say that these are just rumors and they aren’t confirmed by anyone. I did some searches and there aren’t any records of there arrest to be found online. As of right now, I’m operating under the stance that they are innocent of these rumors.

IF these rumors were true there would be some damning effects. You would have to think that this would be the final nail for Brassell. Coach Freeze has done everything and more to try and get him focused and on the field. Some guys just don’t have the passion to play football and be a student. Burnetti’s case would be a bit different. To my knowledge he has never had a discipline issue. I’m sure he would only get some internal punishment and be available in the fall. His situation is more like when your parents tell you “I’m not mad, just disappointed”. You would hope that Burnetti being a senior and Wallace still rehabbing, he would have better judgement.

One thing about Oxford is that it always seems that OPD arrest a ton of football players this time of the year. If these rumors turn out to be true, Freeze’s Rebels would take an early Fulmer Cup lead.

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