MSU Fans Can Play Their Part to Beat UVA

There isn’t a sport where superstition means more to the players and fans than baseball. Before I go any further, I have to credit 247 writer Brooks Roberts with a great story on MSU player’s superstitions that undoubtedly got this topic on my brain. Many fans have certain rituals that they practice for every baseball game in hopes to please the baseball gods to shine favorably on dear ole State. Now we face UVA in a Super Regional and securing a trip to the CWS will require more than the normal rituals. It’s time to sacrifice the theoretical goat.

The day of the regional championship, I ate at PF Changs and my fortune cookie’s first listed lucky number was 17. I was then nervous. After the game I realized my nervous nature was unwarranted because baseball is America’s game and Chinese superstition did not apply. It’s time for MSU fans to do their part and fully embrace some extra American superstitions for each day of our series with UVA.

Saturday- Every single June 8th is National Best Friends Day. It is described as “Best Friend Day is a time to enjoy and appreciate your best friend. It’s a day to honor and cherish the relationship.” This one is easy. Watch game 1 with your best friend. No excuses, no exceptions. Even if you are such an unfortunate soul that your best friend is the bartender at Applebee’s, go grab a seat, order a tall bear, and feel comfort in that even though you are basking in loneliness, you are helping the Bulldogs get to Omaha.

Sunday- June 9th happens to be National Donald Duck Day celebrating the first time he stole our cartoon hearts on June 9th, 1934. This one is a bit more difficult. I’m sure your local Walmart has some sort of Donald Duck memorabilia that will appease the baseball gods. For bonus points, his little known middle name is “Fauntleroy” that could be a great secret weapon to employ when a timely hit is needed or a defensive pickle MSU could be facing in the middle innings.

Monday- June 10th is always National Iced Tea Day. This should be very easy for everyone to execute. One of the listed medicinal values of ice tea is that its soothing and relaxing. If the series makes it to Monday it’s almost guaranteed that many fans will be in full panic and it may require a Long Island Iced Tea which I’m assuming the baseball gods will be ok with.

Ok MSU fans. I’ve supplied y’all with the tools you need to make this happen and get to Omaha. Just know that if you do not follow these suggestions, you do that at the risk of the blown opportunity to advance #HailState nation.

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