Steve Spurrierisms: How Long He’ll Stay at USC

Nothing gets me ready for SEC football like Steve Spurrier quotes. In an interview with Kevin Scarbinsky for, he hits us with this gem on how much longer he can coach before retiring.

“I got a new answer to that question,” he said. “Back in January, they appointed this guy, and he’s 77 years old, and he’s the leader of a billion people in the world.

“They call him the pope, and he replaced a guy that was 85 years old. So if he can be the leader of over a billion people worldwide, surely I can get 11 guys on the field.”

The old pope was 86, and the new pope is 76, and he was named in March, but you get the point. The Ballcoach isn’t going away anytime soon, and the SEC is better for it.

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