Beat Bama: Tall Task For Malzahn

There is no coach in America walking into a more seemingly impossible task than Gus Malzahn. His Tigers were 3-9 last year and had completely quit on Gene Chizik. They don’t have any proven QB’s to run his feared spread attack. Their schedule is a murderers row as all are in the SEC West these days. Surely Auburn administration and alumni are prepared to give him some time to turn the tide (no pun intended) that Saban has running in the opposite direction right??

The answer to that is no. The Auburn family wants to win right now. Not only do they want to get back to quality bowls, they want to beat Bama badly this year. We have photographic proof tweeted out by 2014 Auburn commit Nick Ruffin while he was on a recruiting visit. This is from inside the Auburn defensive meeting room. I don’t know if its possible but I love their attitude.


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