NFL Selling Gay Shirts

The announcement of an openly gay NBA player has opened the flood gates of gay issues being at the forefront of professional sports. The NFLPA is making a move in what it categorizes as an awareness push for human rights. On Wednesday they announced the selling of the LGBT pride shirts. The shirts feature the names of current and former players including: Brendon Ayanbadejo, Scott Fujita, Connor Barwin, Terrell Suggs, Chris Gocong, Chris Kluwe, Steve Gleason and Donte Stallworth.


My 2 cents on this may not even be worth it. I am 100% for human rights and could care less if the professional athletes I root for are straight or not. I do feel like this is getting out of hand. Why should NFL players feel the need to make a gay line of shirts? I put this on the same level as if a male gymnast supported a straight pride leotard. Who cares? Everyone should be free to live their life how the want without making everything a politically correct publicity moment.

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