Gamecock Commit Says What?

Nothing better in recruiting than interviews with 16-17 year olds. They just say the darnedest things. Every year we here wild comments from these young men as they field questions from all kinds of media looking for a sound bite.

The latest comments making its rounds are those of 2015 highly touted DE Arden Key. The Lithonia, GA prospect told Palmetto Sports that the reason he picked USC over UGA was because,

“The academic part, it’s like you have to try to fail.”

I honestly believe Spurrier chuckled when he first heard this. Now the media is running with this and spinning it that Key trashed USC academics and alumni won’t be happy. Give me a freaking break.

The only people upset with that comment would be the Birkenstock shufflers (My favorite Bo Boundsism), who thinks the English Department is more important than football to the University. I honestly think Key gave praise and his comment will help recruiting.

Lets establish one thing. Unless you majored in something very difficult and specialized, there isn’t a dimes worth of difference in equivalent degrees across the SEC. The difference comes in the individual and what they do with their diplomas.

Moving forward, I’m sure Key was given the outline of what kind of academic support he’d receive at all schools he was recruited by. He obviously feels that USC had the best system to help him graduate. He may not have put it as eloquently as he should but what is the big deal on that?

My 2 cents is that all the folks jumping on these comments need to get over themselves. USC is a good degree and if he feels that their support system makes it easy on him as a football player, more power to him. In a few years when he makes his first sack in front of 80k at Williams Bryce Stadium, who is gonna not cheer because he isn’t being challenged academically?

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