Jameon and Quay Say “What Up” From Poolside

This is an old picture that was brought to my attention from the Instagram account of Jameon Lewis (I’m not even on Instagram). You should also note that is Quay Evans in the photo with him. It’s good to see that the guys get at least a little rest and relaxation after what Coach Balis puts them through in workouts. I have previously written an article praising Jameon’s work ethic.


Now for another reason I posted this picture. I constantly hear from Rebel fans that Quay isn’t a hard worker and is lazy. Some MSU fans are gullible enough to buy into that nonsense. Does that picture look like a lazy DT to you? Going off what I’ve heard he is doing great in workouts and that photo sure reinforces it. Some of these same fans I previously mentioned like to say Quay doesn’t work hard in the classroom. If you were in attendance at the spring game, you would have heard it announced on the jumbotron that he made the honor roll.

When people try to tear down players they’ve never met in their life, I like to respond with facts. When any rival fan tells you “what they’ve heard about Quay”, point them to this article. I’m expecting big things from both Jameon and Quay this fall.

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