MSU Position Group Breakdown: WR

I continue my breakdowns with the wide receiver position group.


Robert Johnson (JR)
Last year only saw Rojo catch 17 balls for 164 yards and 2 scores but he returns as the top target at outside WR. He showed up for spring at 6’1 220 looking like a RB physically but moving like a WR. He is a huge upgrade athletically at WR from who was starting last year. Look for a big spike in Rojo’s production this year.


Jeremy Chappelle (JR)
The juco transfer looked lost early in the spring but by the end I’d say he earned a starting position. The more he understood the play book, the better he looked. He’s got really good size (6’2) and plays really physically on the outside. His consistency with his hands set him apart. He reminds me a lot of Chris Smith but more physically gifted than Chris.


Jameon Lewis (JR)

Last year Jameon didn’t get the reps he probably deserved but it was hard to take them away from Bumphis. As steady as Bumphis was, I think Jameon is much better with the ball in his hands. MSU needs a game breaker badly and Lewis may be the most elusive guy on the team. Jameon only had 10 catches last year but I’ll go on a limb and say that number quadruples.


Fred Brown (rs freshman)
Brown had a coming out of sorts in the spring. He may not quite be there physically but he’s close. Brown is by far the smoothest route runner on the team. His hands were also consistent enough for me to think he cracks the 2nd platoon of WR.


Michael Carr (JR)
After a year off, Carr returned to the team this spring and his talent immediately jumps out at you. Really smooth route runner and looked natural catching the ball. The longer he stays around the team and gets reacclimated,the higher the depth chart he rises. He has the talent to start opposite Rojo and that would make quite the talented, physical starting outside guys for the Bulldogs.


Brandon Holloway (rs freshman)
The pint sized Holloway came out of the spring haven proved a point: his speed needs to be on be field. He also got a lot of reps at RB. Holloway does need to work a bit on his consistency catching the ball but make no mistake, he is electric with the ball. That’s why I have him as the 2nd slot guy.


Joe Morrow (soph)
There may not be a WR at MSU that has more upside than Morrow. At 6’5 with good speed and great leaping ability, he provides the back of the end zone type WR MSU lacks. There is only 1 thing holding Morrow back from his potential to be great and that’s consistency catching the ball. He needs to work on his confidence.


Fred Ross (true freshman)
Highly heralded 4 star recruit from Texas that has the talent to get reps this year. Judging from what I hear, he is tearing up summer workouts as well. He has the versatility to play either outside or slot WR. As of right now, I’d say he gets game reps in 2013.


Shelby Christy/BJ Hammond/De’Runnya Wilson (true freshmen)
All these 2013 signees bring a bunch of talent and size to the receiving core. Christy is coming of a minor injury, Hammond played in a running offense in high school, and Wilson just started playing football so I expect all to redshirt. On the same token, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if a great fall camp could get any of these guys in the mix. When you think about the athleticism and size of these 3, MSU fans have to be excited about the future of the WR corps.


Although MSU lost a ton of experience at WR from last year, they upgrade tremendously at size and athleticism. Tyler Russell has to be chomping at the bit with these guys. They have much more big play ability. Rojo and Jameon could be stars as both were go to guys in the spring. Morrow is the wildcard to me. If he plays to his potential, MSU will be in great shape at WR.

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