Phil Steele Smokes Peyote

Phil Steele Smokes Peyote

Phil Jackson told us, “well first of all, you don’t smoke peyote” but I’m not so sure Phil Steele hasn’t found a way. No one appreciates the mountain of information he brings more than me. One of my favorite things to do is find the head scratchers and wonder what recreational substances Phil Steele was using while he made these predictions.

Steele outlined 14 teams that have the makeup to win a national title and they are: Alabama, Notre Dame, Florida, Ohio St, Florida St, Oregon, LSU, South Carolina, Michigan, Stanford, North Carolina, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, and Northwestern.

The ones I have major issues with:

Notre Dame- Give me a break. They lost their elite talent to the draft, their QB to suspension, and they got absolutely boat raced in the NC last year.

Florida- Really good team that doesn’t have enough offense. Lost a lot from last year, particularly at RB but their road through the SEC will provide 2-3 losses and then throw in FSU…

Oregon- They have the players but lost Chip Kelly. They have to prove to me than can win without him.

Northwestern- good football team that had nowhere near the athletes needed to win a NC. Not even close.

Vanderbilt- I love what James Franklin has done at Vandy. That said, Vandy and a NC, lolololololololololololololololololol.

Now a few tidbits if interest to MS folks:

-Jordan Mathews and Mike Evans beating Donte Montcrief for the 1rst team All-SEC WR is insanity.

-How in the world is CJ Johnson 4th team and a guy who has never played a snap (Robert Nkemdiche) ahead of him on the 3rd team?

-If there are 4 centers better than Dillon Day they will have to show it because I don’t believe it.

-Tyler Russell not making the 4th team but Jeff Driskell making any pre season SEC honor is nuts.


Parole Tide: Harvey Updyke to be released from jail Monday

The worst part of his plea deal is no talking with the media. That means we have to wait 5 years for the public display of remorse from Harvey. I actually would like to see if his experience gained him any sanity.


(Headline credit: John Taylor) 

Sentenced in March for poisoning the oak trees at  Auburn’s Toomer’s Corner, Harvey Updyke will be released from jail on Monday, according to

Updyke has been incarcerated for six months as part of a three-year split sentence. He was already credited with 104 days of jail time when he agreed to plead guilty to one count of unlawful damage of an animal or crop facility two months ago. Once out, Updyke will be placed on five years of supervised probation.

Updyke will not be allowed to attend any college sporting event or talk with media, and is banned from any Auburn University property as part of his plea deal.

The Lee County District Attorney’s Office is also seeking $1 million in restitution from Updyke. The oak trees at Toomer’s Corner were finally removed in April.

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Anonymous Coach Speak Response

Anonymous Coach Speak Response

Here is the MSU excerpt from Saturday Down South’s anonymous coach speak feature.

Mississippi State
“I’m thinking they [defense] are pretty good, or at least a lot better. On defense, they just aren’t as athletic as the top teams. Our defensive big guys were bigger than some of their offensive big guys. They can get pounded up front. Linebackers are average athletically. I think schematically they are always going to put up some points. It all depends on whether they can put up a defense that can stop people. It’s not effort, they just don’t have the guns…The quarterback, Tyler Russell, I think most people like him – he can be a little erratic but has some natural ability. He didn’t play very well against some of the better teams teams in the league. But he’s a good player.”

I’m going to beak this down line by line in hopes to add my thoughts and make it more insightful for MSU fans.

I’m thinking they [defense] are pretty good, or at least a lot better.
I agree. Our scheme will be an improvement over last years with Geoff Collins at the helm.

On defense, they just aren’t as athletic as the top teams.

I agree to an extent. They aren’t ultra elite as far as athleticism but they are plenty athletic enough. The read and react scheme didn’t compliment athleticism and was a big part of this issue.

Our defensive big guys were bigger than some of their offensive big guys.

MSU doesn’t have a freakishly huge OL. They are long and move well but aren’t maulers outside of Gabe Jackson. The spread scheme doesn’t suite the guys that can’t move, hence MSU has a slimmer OL. Through smart blocking schemes their athleticism can make up for a lack of size. Miss direction and screens can keep a powerful DL from just bulling ahead. In obvious short yardage situations this could still be a concern but I expect this to be the best MSU OL since 2010.

They can get pounded up front

The only teams that I see this as a concern are Bama and LSU. Lets face it, everyone gets pounded by these 2 to an extent. Doesn’t mean it’s an automatic loss either.

Linebackers are average athletically

We all knew Cam Lawrence’s value wasn’t being bigger,stronger, and faster. Deonte Skinner played out of position at weak side LB. Benardrick McKinney is a freak but was a freshman. I’m sure he was doing too much thinking, especially with the scheme. I expect him to take his play to the next level this year. Skinner is much better suited for strong side LB and is a major upgrade athletically at that position next year over Lawerence. Matt Wells is arguably the most athletic guy on the team, so that is no concern on the weak side.

I think schematically they are always going to put up some points.

I agree with this as well. In 4 years Mullen’s offense is putting up an average of 27.4 points a game in the SEC West which isn’t too shabby. Not earth shattering but better than they’ve done in recent years before his arrival. Scoring more points against the top SEC teams is desired though.

It all depends on whether they can put up a defense that can stop people

This will ring true this year. If the defense can make stops and force turnovers, they’ll be ok. Collins strives for negative plays which should lead to more 3 and outs. They had specifically struggled with spread teams so that will be what to watch this year.

It’s not effort, they just don’t have the guns…

I think they could play with more effort and fire this year. I also completely agree with needing more guns. MSU’s offense needs some guys to step up as explosive playmakers badly. I think the most potential to create more explosive plays are at WR (Jameon Lewis, Robert Johnson, Joe Morrow, Brandon Holloway, or Fred Ross).

The quarterback, Tyler Russell, I think most people like him – he can be a little erratic but has some natural ability. He didn’t play very well against some of the better teams team sin the league. But he’s a good player.

Most preseason articles talking SEC QB’s have showed Tyler some love. It’s deserved and I honestly think he has much more ceiling he can reach. His career arc really reminds me of Jason Campbell, all the way from high school to college. Campbell’s SR year is when he really took off. Against the top teams he did struggle as did the rest of the team. He needs to find that next level where he can elevate the guys around him. He also needs to work on his consistency as this coach said. Tyler was in the zone for the Tennessee game but was beyond erratic for Ole Miss and Northwestern. One thing about Tyler is that I have 100% faith that he will use his subpar performances as fuel to improve this offseason.

Gamecock Commit Says What?

Gamecock Commit Says What?

Nothing better in recruiting than interviews with 16-17 year olds. They just say the darnedest things. Every year we here wild comments from these young men as they field questions from all kinds of media looking for a sound bite.

The latest comments making its rounds are those of 2015 highly touted DE Arden Key. The Lithonia, GA prospect told Palmetto Sports that the reason he picked USC over UGA was because,

“The academic part, it’s like you have to try to fail.”

I honestly believe Spurrier chuckled when he first heard this. Now the media is running with this and spinning it that Key trashed USC academics and alumni won’t be happy. Give me a freaking break.

The only people upset with that comment would be the Birkenstock shufflers (My favorite Bo Boundsism), who thinks the English Department is more important than football to the University. I honestly think Key gave praise and his comment will help recruiting.

Lets establish one thing. Unless you majored in something very difficult and specialized, there isn’t a dimes worth of difference in equivalent degrees across the SEC. The difference comes in the individual and what they do with their diplomas.

Moving forward, I’m sure Key was given the outline of what kind of academic support he’d receive at all schools he was recruited by. He obviously feels that USC had the best system to help him graduate. He may not have put it as eloquently as he should but what is the big deal on that?

My 2 cents is that all the folks jumping on these comments need to get over themselves. USC is a good degree and if he feels that their support system makes it easy on him as a football player, more power to him. In a few years when he makes his first sack in front of 80k at Williams Bryce Stadium, who is gonna not cheer because he isn’t being challenged academically?

Elijah Staley Commitment Thoughts

Elijah Staley Commitment Thoughts

“I want MSU fans to understand, in my opinion, Staley would be the most talented QB MSU has ever signed, period. Most upside. Program changer.”

That was my tweet I sent out when Elijah Staley committed to MSU via vine on Friday. I admit that I am very high on the ESPN 4 star football prospect. At 6’6 and 208 pounds, his stature alone sets him apart. His cannon for a left arm sets him farther apart. His 4 star rating as a basketball prospects is a true testament to his athletic ability. Am I conveying why I’m so high on this guy?

Since everyone loves comparisons so much, I think he throws like a left handed Vince Young and I think he runs like Matt Jones. I have read that his 40 time is a hair over 4.6 but when he runs he takes those long strides like Jones. His upside is through the roof even though he is a bit unpolished. As an MSU fan who watched what Mullen did with Chris Relf, that is one reason I’m so high on Staley and his potential in Mullen’s system.

A concern is that being a 2 sport guy, he’ll never get to fully develop as a QB. I read in an interview with one of the recruiting networks that Staley thinks his future is in football. His words folks. The reality is that there are a ton of 6-6 athletic swing men in basketball but not many of those same athletes behind center. My personal opinion is that he will initially play both but go with football after a year or two. Just a guess by me.

I also like to look at his commitment big picture as well. Many Bulldog fans have had questions about the way Mullen recruits the quarterback position. It is a majority opinion that Mullen does better with spread quarterbacks that have mobility. The signings of guys like Dylan Favre and Nick Schuessler led many fans to question his strategy of why he takes pro style guys. Tyler Russell is in his senior year and when he graduates, MSU’s QB roster will be Dak Presscot, Damien Williams, and Elijah Staley. That’s all true dual threat guys if you’re wondering. Also, the top 3-4 guys on the 2015 QB board are dual threats.

Football Highlights

Basketball Highlights

Battle of America’s hottest teams in Omaha tonight, MSU-Indiana

Omaha Dawgs preview from HailState. Bob has been on fire lately with great piece after great piece.


Tonight, two of the hottest teams in the country will face off on ESPN2.

Naturally, any team in the World Series is playing well, but Mississippi State and Indiana are a combined 21-3 in their last 12 games each.

Dating back to their the final regular season game against South Carolina, the Bulldogs are 10-2, while the Hoosiers have gone on a red-hot 11-1 streak as they enter game two of the College World Series, including a 6-0 run to date in the postseason.

“The key is who gets hot at the right time,” senior MSU pitcher Kendall Graveman said. “For us, right now, we’re kind of rolling. Not only the physical part of it, but mentally, we get down in a game, we’re like, ‘Man, we’re gonna be OK. We’ll be able to come back.’ We’ve done it for the last month.”

Such has been the story for MSU…

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