Houston Nutt Inspires Greg Hardy

Houston Nutt Inspires Greg Hardy

Many fans remember Nutt’s “FIFTY” presser in his third year at Ole Miss. It was the beginning of his end. One of those weird deliveries that are vintage Houston Nutt. Here’s a reminder of his words from that day.

“But I just want to remind our fans of this, number one, it was just 50 years, its been 50 years since you won back to back January 1 games. Fifty! Fifty!”

While Greg Hardy was no longer in school at Ole Miss, its clear that he took this speech to heart and has been waiting to throw out the number 50 in a ridiculous manner. I congratulate Greg on keeping the torch lit for his alma mater.

Here is an excerpt from ESPN and Hardy’s interview. Get the full story here. I would like to add that he has 13 career sacks.

Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy has a lofty goal for the number of sacks he’s aiming for this season and he wasn’t really laughing when he said it.

“Fifty,” Hardy said Tuesday during a break between minicamp practices.

“Why shoot low, right? If I’m going to shoot at it, I’m going to shoot at it with a 50 caliber. I’m going to shoot at a little bird with a 50-caliber bullet. That’s the goal for this year, 50 sacks, that’s where I’m at. That’s the goal, 50. You heard it first.”

Ranking Mullen and Freeze Nationally

Ranking Mullen and Freeze Nationally

Athlon recently ran a story where they ranked all the coaches in college football. Dan Mullen came in at 23 and Hugh Freeze came in at 30. Notably, Mullen finished 1 spot above Les Miles and Hugh Freeze finished 1 spot above Mike Leach. Below are the breakdowns for both Mullen and Freeze but the rankings in their entirety can be read here.
23. Dan Mullen, Mississippi State
Overall Record at Mississippi State: 29-22 (2009-present, 5 years)

Each BCS conference seems to have one coach that cannot be judged strictly on his record. Mullen fits that profile for the SEC, as he is coming off his fifth year in Starkville and has a 29-22 overall record. Although Mullen’s overall record isn’t overly impressive, Mississippi State is arguably one of the toughest jobs in the SEC. The Bulldogs have played in three consecutive bowl games under Mullen and are coming off a 4-4 conference record in the always loaded SEC. Mullen is 3-1 against rival Ole Miss and has won seven or more games in each of the last three seasons. Prior to taking the top spot at Mississippi State, Mullen worked as an assistant under Urban Meyer at Bowling Green, Utah and Florida. There’s no question Mullen needs to consistently beat some of the top teams in the SEC West to climb higher in the coach rankings. However, it’s not easy to win the division right now, especially as Alabama, LSU and Texas A&M could all be top-15 teams in 2013. If Mullen was at one of the top jobs in the conference – Florida, Alabama, LSU or Georgia – he would easily win at a higher level.

30. Hugh Freeze, Ole Miss
Record at Ole Miss: 7-6 (2012-present)
Record at Arkansas State: 10-2 (2011)
Record at Lambuth: 20-5 (2008-09)
Overall Record: 37-13 (4 years)

After a successful debut in Oxford, a case could be made Freeze should be ranked higher on this list. The Mississippi native inherited an Ole Miss team that went 2-10 in the year prior to his arrival and guided the Rebels to a 7-6 finish with a victory over Pittsburgh in the BBVA Compass Bowl. After finishing 2011 as the SEC’s worst team, Ole Miss was one of college football’s top 40 teams last year. Success and improvement hasn’t just been limited to one stop for Freeze, as Lambuth was 20-5 from 2008-09 under his watch, and Arkansas State went 4-8 prior to his arrival, only to win 10 games in Freeze’s only season in Jonesboro. Freeze is bringing in a top-five recruiting class to Oxford, and the program is clearly headed in the right direction. The Mississippi native has never been a head coach at one stop long enough to show he can sustain success for five or more seasons. However, considering his recruiting haul and track record so far, there’s little to doubt Freeze will continue to climb on this list in the coming years.

Beat Bama: Tall Task For Malzahn

Beat Bama: Tall Task For Malzahn

There is no coach in America walking into a more seemingly impossible task than Gus Malzahn. His Tigers were 3-9 last year and had completely quit on Gene Chizik. They don’t have any proven QB’s to run his feared spread attack. Their schedule is a murderers row as all are in the SEC West these days. Surely Auburn administration and alumni are prepared to give him some time to turn the tide (no pun intended) that Saban has running in the opposite direction right??

The answer to that is no. The Auburn family wants to win right now. Not only do they want to get back to quality bowls, they want to beat Bama badly this year. We have photographic proof tweeted out by 2014 Auburn commit Nick Ruffin while he was on a recruiting visit. This is from inside the Auburn defensive meeting room. I don’t know if its possible but I love their attitude.


Has Marshall Henderson Matured?

Has Marshall Henderson Matured?

Mississippi State made headlines today punching their ticket to Omaha and many fans and athletes including Marshall Henderson (yes the crazy,landsharking, 3-point shooting madman) sent out congratulations over social media. You read that right. The lightening rod of controversy, often known for his on-court antics, made a very classy move after game 2 concluded. Tweeting pleasantries to your arch rival is quite the move.


I know a lot of MSU fans have had a lot of hate for Marshall. I’ve been consistent in how I felt about him. I’ve always thought he was fun to watch but needed to mature and I never came down hard on him as a person. I thought his tweet yesterday was refreshing and is perhaps a sign of his maturation.

I’ve always said the first step in being a grown man is to learn to take responsibility for ones actions and learn from them. At the conclusion of the Rebel’s season, Marshall wrote a letter to Ole Miss fans apologizing for some of his antics and vowing to be a leader in 2014. When it was released, many fans were still skeptical of the sincerity but I must say that he has been a bit different since he wrote that.

Rivalry aside, I’m a guy that roots for people to better themselves especially when they handle themselves with class. I like what I’m seeing from Marshall and Ole Miss fans should too. He has a chance to really be a positive ambassador for Ole Miss with his new mindset.

Maybe I’m blowing this out of proportion and he is actually a closet Mississippi State fan as this picture shows him with his favorite blanky ; )


Aerobics Got A Bit Dirty Today

Aerobics Got A Bit Dirty Today


Today I had quite the interesting experience in my aerobics class. First, let me explain so I can keep my man card. I lift weights 5 days a week early in the morning. I go very hard; beast mode and all that. I have started taking advantage of the 9am classes at my gym in hopes to amp up my cardio to lose some weight. Don’t get it confused, these aren’t sissy classes. I take body blast, spinning, and rock bottom. I promise you it’s no joke.

On to today. You first must understand the make up of the class. Being that’s its a 9am Monday-Friday class, its largely made up of either younger moms or old ladies. They are all troopers and in unreal shape. Not only am I the youngest person in the class, I’m usually the only male. There is another very friendly gentleman that has shown up but he’s in the 60-65 range. The main point is that I really stick out, particularly trying to keep up with the choreography of the class.

Most of the ladies show up right from home to the class. I get there at least an hour earlier to lift. In short, my bodily functions are fully in control. I always set up my area all the way to the side, out of the way of the hard core folks so my regular missteps won’t bother the others. My side is apparently the senior citizen woman corner. All the woman around me are 60 at the youngest.

Today we did our normal warmup of about 5 minutes and the class was just getting rolling when I noticed it. A putrid, sour aroma drifted into my nostrils. It was amazing because it doesn’t seem that a senior citizen’s body weighing so little could generate an odor of that strength. It was the kind that if you were in a room full of buddies, you would be very proud as they scurry for cover from the stench. It got to the point where all the women within 10 feet starting looking around and rolling their eyes.

There was only 1 problem. They were all looking at me! Every woman in the class was judging me with the eyes of an angry wife. They were looking at me like I was disgusting. I couldn’t muster the internal strength to blame it on one of the elderly woman around me. There was nothing I wanted to do more than implicate the grandmothers and clear my good name. I ended up ignoring it and just focusing on the workout.

What was I supposed to do? I’m the jerk either way. I blame the older ladies, I’m a jerk for calling out a grandma and embarrassing them. I’m only in my 2nd week in the class and there is no doubt the woman think I’m “the gross farting guy”. I took the high road this time but I promise that if this becomes a regular issue, I’m outing the sour stomach old ladies.

Ugly CFB Uniforms May Get Worse

Ugly CFB Uniforms May Get Worse

As an MSU fan I hear constant complaining about the Adidas uniforms. I don’t think think they’re bad but I’m obviously in the minority. We all see what Oregon has done with uniforms over the years. Even schools like Maryland have made big national splashes with unique threads. If you thought the jersey’s were bad, prepare to gag.

A new company called “BadAss Mask” is now designing team specific face mask. I think they are absolutely atrocious but I’ve seen them getting some love. I’m sure the party line “but the recruits love them…” will be the sticking point that will undoubtedly lead to some programs using this new uniform accessorizing add on. Ugh, cough, gag.