How Big (figuratively) is the Davis Wade Expansion?

I was reminded how big the Davis Wade Stadium expansion is when Jameon Lewis shared the picture from his Instagram. The field view angle is the one that excites me the most. Not only does the size of DWS increase, but the style of the stadium finally enters the modern age of college football venues.

I’m not intending this article to be a Larry Templeton shot but in my opinion, the biggest blunder on his watch was electing to expand an upper deck instead of bowling in the stadium. For years MSU has been the only stadium in the SEC that wasn’t bowled in on at least one side. Don’t think for a second that this wasn’t used at nauseam by opposing coaches on the recruiting trail.

MSU fans are already aware of the atmosphere on game day but if you’d never been and knew it was the only open ended stadium, you may form a misconception. This constantly comes up in recruiting visit interviews that they were surprised by the atmosphere and crowd. This move will help squash that misconception before it even occurs. Part of getting great coaches and players is top notch facilities. With the completion of the Leo Seal Jr. Football Complex and the ongoing expansion and renovations at DWS, MSU shows its commitment to being a consistent winner in the SEC.


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