My 2nd Email From Ole Miss Athletic Department

As the world turns at, I got my 2nd email from Ole Miss Associate AD Kyle Campbell. Due to a confidentiality notice attached to the email, I cannot post the email on the site. I can however discuss and address the issues he had. This isn’t the first time he’s taken issue with a story on the site. If you read the first story, it will give you context of the trend Mr. Campbell is following. Now to the newest email.

Concern #1- “Don’t Jump to the conclusion our coaches are lying.” I actually have no problem with this request. If you read my words in the story I never said “Hugh Freeze is lying”. I did however state that with the fact discrepancy it was a possibility. The Ole Miss AD office is denying he lied so it is the reader’s objective to believe or not believe. I don’t care either way.

Concern #2- “Barton removed it after he realized the prospect misspoke.” Barton Simmons exact quote is “That quote has been removed. There was a misunderstanding on Jamal’s end”. Now I will give my opinion on this and you can quote me. I don’t believe Barton realized anything. I’m guessing Mr. Campbell contacted him as he did me, asking for that quote to come down because it showed a misleading inconsistency. This quote was asked to be removed by Ole Miss administration period. No other reason. Barton needs access to Ole Miss staff and camps for his job. It’s in his best interest to comply with this request and is why he did.

Could this all be a big misunderstanding? Absolutely. Even if the recruit made an accident in his quote, I still take issue with Mr. Campbell and his administration’s stance on this issue. He informed me in the email that the actual graduation rate is 77%. I have no numbers to support or deny this so I take his word. I can promise that if an athletic director read my under the radar blog, he sure as hell read the 247 story talking about Ole Miss recruiting as well as Freeze and/or his staff. They didn’t immediately contact Barton to change the quote. They did after my story ran portraying a possible lie. So I’m left to assume that Ole Miss is ok with inaccuracies as long as its in the Rebel’s favor?

Here is the problem ladies and gentlemen. When you market your program as the Sunday school of SEC football and throw around terms like “faith based recruiting”, you set a extremely high standard for yourself. Keep in mind that YOU set this standard for your program. No one else. So when an inaccuracy occurs, it’s your job to fix it no matter if the final picture doesn’t help you. YOU set these standards so police your end as hard as you do what you feel is the other end. That’s why people take issue with pictures taken at bars of YOUR prospects with girls and alcohol on your big recruiting weekend. You want to label yourself as “faith based recruiters”, that’s fine. Now it’s YOUR job to live up to the expectations you set for YOURSELF.

I’ll step off my pulpit for now. Lets get to some cold hard facts. Ole Miss has the 2nd lowest APR in the SEC with only Tennessee behind them. That number is not for debate. I’ll close with a personal assumption. I have no delusion of grandeur of what I am or what my site is. I’m not the best writer or web designer. What I do posses is a substantial amount of common sense. What I do know is that if an SEC athletic director is reading my blog, I’m touching on some nerves. If he has never disputed the whole story (just nit picked little bits and pieces) than I assume I’m doing something right. I would assume that if you want what I write to go unnoticed then the best thing to do is ignore me. Don’t legitimize me…Twice.

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