The most interesting thing I’ve seen in person at a football game was at the Mississippi State vs Florida game in 2000. While the Gators were on offense the center snapped the ball over Rex Grossman’s head on 1rst and 2nd down creating a very unique sporting sight: 3rd and 57.  I figured that was the perfect name for my site.  I hope you enjoy my eccentric and sometimes controversial views on sports and other various topics.

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newIphonepics 077

**I wil not publish any comments on any story that include the terms: leghumpers, MSUx, Ole Piss, Oxfart, or any variation on any of these terms or any term I deem to fall into that category**

One thought on “About

  1. Saw the footnote at the bottom of the article, and I’m afraid you are not going to get many comments if you ban those words. haha

    Seriously, though, enjoy the insight. Keep it up!

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