The top 10 SEC signal callers of the 1990’s

Good stuff from Road Warriors Radio blog and the boss Ryne Hancock. Good to see an MSU QB crack his list. Even though there are some good ones on this list, it shows how much better QB play has gotten from 2000 on.


Parole Tide: Harvey Updyke to be released from jail Monday

The worst part of his plea deal is no talking with the media. That means we have to wait 5 years for the public display of remorse from Harvey. I actually would like to see if his experience gained him any sanity.


(Headline credit: John Taylor) 

Sentenced in March for poisoning the oak trees at  Auburn’s Toomer’s Corner, Harvey Updyke will be released from jail on Monday, according to

Updyke has been incarcerated for six months as part of a three-year split sentence. He was already credited with 104 days of jail time when he agreed to plead guilty to one count of unlawful damage of an animal or crop facility two months ago. Once out, Updyke will be placed on five years of supervised probation.

Updyke will not be allowed to attend any college sporting event or talk with media, and is banned from any Auburn University property as part of his plea deal.

The Lee County District Attorney’s Office is also seeking $1 million in restitution from Updyke. The oak trees at Toomer’s Corner were finally removed in April.

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Battle of America’s hottest teams in Omaha tonight, MSU-Indiana

Omaha Dawgs preview from HailState. Bob has been on fire lately with great piece after great piece.


Tonight, two of the hottest teams in the country will face off on ESPN2.

Naturally, any team in the World Series is playing well, but Mississippi State and Indiana are a combined 21-3 in their last 12 games each.

Dating back to their the final regular season game against South Carolina, the Bulldogs are 10-2, while the Hoosiers have gone on a red-hot 11-1 streak as they enter game two of the College World Series, including a 6-0 run to date in the postseason.

“The key is who gets hot at the right time,” senior MSU pitcher Kendall Graveman said. “For us, right now, we’re kind of rolling. Not only the physical part of it, but mentally, we get down in a game, we’re like, ‘Man, we’re gonna be OK. We’ll be able to come back.’ We’ve done it for the last month.”

Such has been the story for MSU…

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I know this isn’t typical of something I put on 3rdAnd57 but I have never heard of bow hunting woodchucks. As stated in the article, many whitetail hunters are anxious for fall and this is something to do in the summer. Woodchuck steaks anyone?


Woodchuck 0003

Most woodchuck hunters use firearms.  But, some fall to hunting archers in search of some summer hunting as preparation for the fall white-tailed deer season.

The woodchuck is the third largest rodent in North America.  Only the beaver and porcupine are larger. There are no exact figures as to what the seasonal harvest is in number of animals taken by hunters.

An adult animal will be 20 to 25 inches in length from the tip of his nose to the end of his short bushy tail.  In the early part of the year, they will weigh 6 or 7 pounds.  By the end of hunting season, in the fall, they could weigh twice that much in order to make it through hibernation.

Coloration varies from yellowish brown to a dark reddish brown with a grizzled effect due to the lighter tips of the hair.  They have a stout body with…

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