Elijah Staley Commitment Thoughts

Elijah Staley Commitment Thoughts

“I want MSU fans to understand, in my opinion, Staley would be the most talented QB MSU has ever signed, period. Most upside. Program changer.”

That was my tweet I sent out when Elijah Staley committed to MSU via vine on Friday. I admit that I am very high on the ESPN 4 star football prospect. At 6’6 and 208 pounds, his stature alone sets him apart. His cannon for a left arm sets him farther apart. His 4 star rating as a basketball prospects is a true testament to his athletic ability. Am I conveying why I’m so high on this guy?

Since everyone loves comparisons so much, I think he throws like a left handed Vince Young and I think he runs like Matt Jones. I have read that his 40 time is a hair over 4.6 but when he runs he takes those long strides like Jones. His upside is through the roof even though he is a bit unpolished. As an MSU fan who watched what Mullen did with Chris Relf, that is one reason I’m so high on Staley and his potential in Mullen’s system.

A concern is that being a 2 sport guy, he’ll never get to fully develop as a QB. I read in an interview with one of the recruiting networks that Staley thinks his future is in football. His words folks. The reality is that there are a ton of 6-6 athletic swing men in basketball but not many of those same athletes behind center. My personal opinion is that he will initially play both but go with football after a year or two. Just a guess by me.

I also like to look at his commitment big picture as well. Many Bulldog fans have had questions about the way Mullen recruits the quarterback position. It is a majority opinion that Mullen does better with spread quarterbacks that have mobility. The signings of guys like Dylan Favre and Nick Schuessler led many fans to question his strategy of why he takes pro style guys. Tyler Russell is in his senior year and when he graduates, MSU’s QB roster will be Dak Presscot, Damien Williams, and Elijah Staley. That’s all true dual threat guys if you’re wondering. Also, the top 3-4 guys on the 2015 QB board are dual threats.

Football Highlights

Basketball Highlights

Battle of America’s hottest teams in Omaha tonight, MSU-Indiana

Omaha Dawgs preview from HailState. Bob has been on fire lately with great piece after great piece.


Tonight, two of the hottest teams in the country will face off on ESPN2.

Naturally, any team in the World Series is playing well, but Mississippi State and Indiana are a combined 21-3 in their last 12 games each.

Dating back to their the final regular season game against South Carolina, the Bulldogs are 10-2, while the Hoosiers have gone on a red-hot 11-1 streak as they enter game two of the College World Series, including a 6-0 run to date in the postseason.

“The key is who gets hot at the right time,” senior MSU pitcher Kendall Graveman said. “For us, right now, we’re kind of rolling. Not only the physical part of it, but mentally, we get down in a game, we’re like, ‘Man, we’re gonna be OK. We’ll be able to come back.’ We’ve done it for the last month.”

Such has been the story for MSU…

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Texas A&M AD Calls Out Bama

Texas A&M AD Calls Out Bama

Aggies AD Eric Hyman grabbed some attention as he spoke at a recent booster event. The move to the SEC and subsequently beating Bama with a Heisman QB has lead the A&M administration to being pretty full of themselves. I love the attitude but one thing being in a conference like the SEC will do is give lessons in humility on a regular basis. Hyman told the crowd that the Aggies had so much success that the other SEC AD’s were sick of them and had “Texas A&M fatigue”. That wasn’t even the jab that got attention.

“What do the moon and Texas A&M have in common? We control the Tide,” Hyman told the crowd at A&M Club’s Coach’s Night.

I do not recommend antagonizing Nick Saban and Alabama but I do love Hyman ratcheting up the suspense for their September showdown. Kickoff can’t get here soon enough…

Fox Sports story here

Larry Fedora the Motivator

Larry Fedora the Motivator

Mississippians completely understand how intense Larry Fedora is on the sideline. We all saw it regularly in Hattiesburg and it looks as if he has taken his attitude to the next level in Chapel Hill. North Carolina released a teaser video for the Tar Heel’s upcoming elite prospect camp. That is where this awesome logo first surfaced. MSU uses a cute Adidas bulldog logo and Ole Miss might as well call their camp family church time with Hugh. Not Fedora, not North Carolina. His logo looks almost satanic and conveys running through a flaming brick wall while listening to Metallica. How awesome would it be if Fedora pulls on the practice on a Harley? I wouldn’t count it out of the question…


Simply Amazing Sports Photo

Right now I’m sure everyone has seen the national news mention the terrible wildfires in Colorado. This picture surfaced yesterday. Can you imagine playing a game with this backdrop? I know its early but this is the sports photo of 2013.


This photo was originally tweeted by Peter McEvoy, credited to being at Pine Creek High School which is right on the edge of the evacuation areas. Follow him on twitter @PeterMcEvoy2

Mullen Gets 2 More Commitments

Mullen Gets 2 More Commitments

Yesterday was an eventful day for MSU’s 2014 recruiting class as the Dawgs picked up 2 more commitments to bring the total to 8. Lets take a look at the pickups with some commentary.

Logan Cooke from Columbia Academy (K/P) 6’5 200
Let me start off by saying this commitment took me by surprise. I did not see us taking a kicker in this class that is tight on spots. His addition signals that he is the kicker of the future after Devon Bell. I won’t underestimate how much an elite punter or kicker matters to a football team. Here are his stats from his scout profile:

KOs: 48 kos with 41 touchbacks (85.4%), 17 were 70 yards + (35.4%). Avg ko distance was 66.42 yards.

PATs: 36/39

FGs: 2/6 (made 36,39 and misses of 42,50,52,33)

PUNTS: 20 punts with a 37 yard avg. (all punts were directional punts intended to go out of bounds)

Set Columbia Academy School Records this year for Points in a season by a kicker (42) and points in a career by a kicker (83)

Norman Price from Hinds CC (OT) 6’5 300
Another strong juco OL pickup for this class. Definitely fills a need and helps bridge the gap for the upcoming experience losses due after this year. Price is said to be very athletic and versatile enough to play either OT position or even OG. His versatility makes him an asset. He is rated as a composite 87 and owns offers from Kentucky and Missouri among others. Don’t forget that MSU remains very much in he mix for 4 star juco OT Avery Gennessy.

NFL Selling Gay Shirts

NFL Selling Gay Shirts

The announcement of an openly gay NBA player has opened the flood gates of gay issues being at the forefront of professional sports. The NFLPA is making a move in what it categorizes as an awareness push for human rights. On Wednesday they announced the selling of the LGBT pride shirts. The shirts feature the names of current and former players including: Brendon Ayanbadejo, Scott Fujita, Connor Barwin, Terrell Suggs, Chris Gocong, Chris Kluwe, Steve Gleason and Donte Stallworth.


My 2 cents on this may not even be worth it. I am 100% for human rights and could care less if the professional athletes I root for are straight or not. I do feel like this is getting out of hand. Why should NFL players feel the need to make a gay line of shirts? I put this on the same level as if a male gymnast supported a straight pride leotard. Who cares? Everyone should be free to live their life how the want without making everything a politically correct publicity moment.