Ranking Mullen and Freeze Nationally

Ranking Mullen and Freeze Nationally

Athlon recently ran a story where they ranked all the coaches in college football. Dan Mullen came in at 23 and Hugh Freeze came in at 30. Notably, Mullen finished 1 spot above Les Miles and Hugh Freeze finished 1 spot above Mike Leach. Below are the breakdowns for both Mullen and Freeze but the rankings in their entirety can be read here.
23. Dan Mullen, Mississippi State
Overall Record at Mississippi State: 29-22 (2009-present, 5 years)

Each BCS conference seems to have one coach that cannot be judged strictly on his record. Mullen fits that profile for the SEC, as he is coming off his fifth year in Starkville and has a 29-22 overall record. Although Mullen’s overall record isn’t overly impressive, Mississippi State is arguably one of the toughest jobs in the SEC. The Bulldogs have played in three consecutive bowl games under Mullen and are coming off a 4-4 conference record in the always loaded SEC. Mullen is 3-1 against rival Ole Miss and has won seven or more games in each of the last three seasons. Prior to taking the top spot at Mississippi State, Mullen worked as an assistant under Urban Meyer at Bowling Green, Utah and Florida. There’s no question Mullen needs to consistently beat some of the top teams in the SEC West to climb higher in the coach rankings. However, it’s not easy to win the division right now, especially as Alabama, LSU and Texas A&M could all be top-15 teams in 2013. If Mullen was at one of the top jobs in the conference – Florida, Alabama, LSU or Georgia – he would easily win at a higher level.

30. Hugh Freeze, Ole Miss
Record at Ole Miss: 7-6 (2012-present)
Record at Arkansas State: 10-2 (2011)
Record at Lambuth: 20-5 (2008-09)
Overall Record: 37-13 (4 years)

After a successful debut in Oxford, a case could be made Freeze should be ranked higher on this list. The Mississippi native inherited an Ole Miss team that went 2-10 in the year prior to his arrival and guided the Rebels to a 7-6 finish with a victory over Pittsburgh in the BBVA Compass Bowl. After finishing 2011 as the SEC’s worst team, Ole Miss was one of college football’s top 40 teams last year. Success and improvement hasn’t just been limited to one stop for Freeze, as Lambuth was 20-5 from 2008-09 under his watch, and Arkansas State went 4-8 prior to his arrival, only to win 10 games in Freeze’s only season in Jonesboro. Freeze is bringing in a top-five recruiting class to Oxford, and the program is clearly headed in the right direction. The Mississippi native has never been a head coach at one stop long enough to show he can sustain success for five or more seasons. However, considering his recruiting haul and track record so far, there’s little to doubt Freeze will continue to climb on this list in the coming years.

Has Marshall Henderson Matured?

Has Marshall Henderson Matured?

Mississippi State made headlines today punching their ticket to Omaha and many fans and athletes including Marshall Henderson (yes the crazy,landsharking, 3-point shooting madman) sent out congratulations over social media. You read that right. The lightening rod of controversy, often known for his on-court antics, made a very classy move after game 2 concluded. Tweeting pleasantries to your arch rival is quite the move.


I know a lot of MSU fans have had a lot of hate for Marshall. I’ve been consistent in how I felt about him. I’ve always thought he was fun to watch but needed to mature and I never came down hard on him as a person. I thought his tweet yesterday was refreshing and is perhaps a sign of his maturation.

I’ve always said the first step in being a grown man is to learn to take responsibility for ones actions and learn from them. At the conclusion of the Rebel’s season, Marshall wrote a letter to Ole Miss fans apologizing for some of his antics and vowing to be a leader in 2014. When it was released, many fans were still skeptical of the sincerity but I must say that he has been a bit different since he wrote that.

Rivalry aside, I’m a guy that roots for people to better themselves especially when they handle themselves with class. I like what I’m seeing from Marshall and Ole Miss fans should too. He has a chance to really be a positive ambassador for Ole Miss with his new mindset.

Maybe I’m blowing this out of proportion and he is actually a closet Mississippi State fan as this picture shows him with his favorite blanky ; )


Steve Spurrierisms:  How Long He’ll Stay at USC

Steve Spurrierisms: How Long He’ll Stay at USC

Nothing gets me ready for SEC football like Steve Spurrier quotes. In an interview with Kevin Scarbinsky for AL.com, he hits us with this gem on how much longer he can coach before retiring.

“I got a new answer to that question,” he said. “Back in January, they appointed this guy, and he’s 77 years old, and he’s the leader of a billion people in the world.

“They call him the pope, and he replaced a guy that was 85 years old. So if he can be the leader of over a billion people worldwide, surely I can get 11 guys on the field.”

The old pope was 86, and the new pope is 76, and he was named in March, but you get the point. The Ballcoach isn’t going away anytime soon, and the SEC is better for it.

Lebron Should Play CFB After Retiring

Lebron Should Play CFB After Retiring

As this story came across my SC feed it immediately grabbed my attention. In my opinion Lebron James is the best basketball player that’s ever lived (debatable I know). I won’t stop there. I think he is hands down the best athlete in sports. He is an absolute freak of nature at 6-8 250, great speed, agility, and I’m going on a limb to guess that he has good arm strength. He plays basketball with great vision and intelligence, both necessary attributes to play QB. I agree with Joe Theisman, he should give QB a run.

Here’s my twist on things. Lebron has made a fortune and the NFL is a brutal game. Not only that, adjusting to the NFL as a QB after never playing the position is probably too much to ask even for the best athlete in the world. Lebron went straight to the NBA from high school. He should have NCAA eligibility in football. He should go to college.

Do I have your attention now? The NFL is a pro style QB league. I think we can all agree that he is a dual threat QB. Can you imagine Lebron James in Gus Malzahn, Dan Mullen, or Urban Meyer’s offense. I theorize that in these offenses his athleticism could lesson the passing learning curve and he could be effectively immediately.

Lebron has all the fame, money, and respect an athlete could want. The only thing he missed in life was college. He has nothing left to prove professionally or financially. Nothing makes better sense for Lebron playing football than returning to college. If Lebron James running the spread option doesn’t give you the chills, you are either dead or not a football fan.

Here is ESPN News Services Release:

When Joe Theismann watches LeBron James play basketball, he sees a potential NFL quarterback.

The former Washington Redskins quarterback expressed his belief in telephone interviews to Fox Sports Florida on Saturday and to the NFL Network’s “NFL AM” show Tuesday.

“I would love to work him out and also serve as his agent. I’ll go wherever he wants this summer. He could play another four years in the NBA before seriously trying the NFL,” Theismann told Fox Sports Florida. “There are not a lot of 38- or 39-year-old basketball players, but there are 38- and 39-year-old quarterbacks, so there’s always time for him.”

Theismann on Tuesday told the NFL Network that his comment about serving as James’ agent was made “tongue-in-cheek” but he was sincere in his belief that the NBA superstar could play quarterback.

LeBron James’ passing skills could translate to the NFL, Joe Theismann believes.

“Who wouldn’t want to coach LeBron James? He’s the most physical specimen we have in professional sports,” he told the NFL Network. “He could do, I think, anything he wanted.”

Theismann said the biggest thing the NBA’s reigning MVP would have to work on is his footwork, which he said is the “most important element” to throwing the ball accurately at the NFL level. He also wonders whether James’ hands are too big to wrap around the football.

But there’s no doubt, Theismann said, that the 6-foot-8, 250-pound James has the mental toughness to play quarterback.

“He’s as mentally as tough a guy you’re going to find, which I think is the No. 1 prerequisite to play the position,” he told the NFL Network.

James played receiver for two seasons at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. He was asked whether he could play quarterback after the Heat’s Game 1 victory over the Indiana Pacers last week.

“I have the ability,” James told reporters. “I can see and read plays. I study a lot, so I know defenses and things of that nature. So I would have been pretty good if I had decided to go for it.”

Some Insanity From Ole Miss Message Boards


Don’t get me wrong, every single fanbase has their crazies on the message boards. I read a ton of different teams boards, pay and free, and have a good feel for most fanbases nuances. I will go on record that Ole Miss pay boards have the strangest collection of grown men who act like 3 year olds I have ever seen. Pre-school joke after pre-school joke and the masses lap it up. There is also this borderline insane element. I won’t name names but recently a banker in the delta was sent to federal prison for blatant stealing. He announced his going to prison on the board and 100+ responses of “prayers sent” and request for his prison address so he could receive “rebel updates”. It defies rational thinking.

That brings us to today’s nonsense I stumbled across. A poster by the name of “DickieVegas” lays out a plot where a law firm has proposed a plan to pay for Ole Miss fans to troll MSU fans full time. They want folks to troll all message boards, twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Clarion Ledger comment sections, and more. They say they will pay for all the access to the boards and pay for these services and updates. It’s funny how pathetic this is. Below is his post in its entirety and and equally insane follow up post. They are completely obsessed and the last paragraph I bolded shows that they are psychotic.

“This post will be short and to the point. By “short and to the point” I actually mean “long and confusing”. Some might even say pointless. If that’s not your thing, I encourage you to stop reading now. If you continue you may wonder ‘how bored (or stupid perhaps) I must be to make a post like this. If you have ever attended a two day, 36 hour girls fast-pitch softball tournament…with several hours between games…sitting outside w/no internet…you will have your answer. This is pretty much my best entertainment option at the moment. (Note-For this post, the term “troll” is used to describe anyone who tries to aggravate someone from a rival school.)

On to the Business of Trolling…I’ve got a buddy who is passionate about ‘trolling’ all things Mississippi State. Whether it’s Twitter, C-L Comment Sections, Youtube, Pay Sites, whatever…he will use any/all forms of interweb communication to aggravate Bulldogs and laugh at their expense. But he has a ‘problem’. He recently made partner at his law firm so his workload has increased. He also has a wife and young daughter. As a result, he is unable to spend as much time as he’d like (fulfilling his obligation as a die-hard Rebel) harassing State fans so he called me to discuss a solution to his situation.

He asked if I’d be interested in doing some Troll work on his behalf. He offered to pay a monthly fee, cover all membership/subscription costs, and even suggested he’s open to bonuses for “the really good stuff.” In return, I would perform various trolling activities. I told him the offer was extremely tempting, but it just wasn’t feasible due to the time commitment necessary to do it right…unless I had a few more ‘clients/contracts.’

Neither of us were serious (or I wasn’t at least). A few days later he called and said “if you can send an update/report covering the highlights of the week’s trolling activities I’ve got a couple of guys at my firm who would pay for access.” At this point, it was obvious that he was only half-joking, or possibly even completely serious. When I told him I knew very little about troll consulting/contracting”, he asked “why not? I thought you’ve done a lot of online strategy consulting.” I asked him if it was even legal and he said, “Probably so. Need to find that out though from an attorney.” I just laughed and said I will perform the proper due diligence on everything we discussed (and by due diligence I mean drinking pretty heavily and talking about it with a few equally intoxicated, State-hating, Ole Miss loving friends).

After some intense debate, we came to the following conclusion. This idea was…Brilliant! We all agreed we would pay someone to antagonize State fans on the web, especially if they were good. We decided this was quite possibly the best idea since http://www.BetOnTheWeather.com (You probably haven’t heard of this but it would’ve revolutionized the gambling industry if not for some damn government regulations and a slight lack of funding-I still say there is no way anyone would’ve hit the Billion-dollar 50 state annual snowfall parlay to the inch…so we really didn’t need that much payout cash). Besides, I’ve done a lot worse things for a paycheck than spending a few hours on the internet making fun of State.

After an afternoon on the Reservoir (and several Coronas along with a couple of reddish orange, semi-iced rum fruit drinks) I came to the conclusion that not only was I in, I was going to turn the (non-existent) professional trolling industry upside down. I would assemble a diverse team of all-star talent and utilize their unique strengths to create the ultimate troll. Instead of one sad sack taking on a dozen posters, we would use a dozen posters to troll one idiot . No more obvious troll is obvious. No more rookie-ass posting during free trial periods. No more of “the one-man army of old and annoying” approach to antagonize the hell out of folks they”ve never even met-over and over and over. Definitely no poser trollers like cbuck.

Much like Freeze is doing with the Rebel football team, we will implement an uptempo, full internet spread system…a team-first approach with multiple individuals working together to accomplish one objective-making State fans/homer journalists/coaches online experience as miserable as possible due to constant embarrassment/anger thanks to our perfectly-timed, strategic attacks. I’m talking about getting rednecks so mad they will establish an actual meeting time/place to prove their internet badass-ness then we’ll send them a video of how stupid they looked with their shirt off outside of the Bass Pro parking lot in Pearl looking for that Ole Miss asshole in the white, 2012 F150.

It’s almost time to assemble the team. We’ll need spotters, lurkers, smart a$$es, nice guys, pot stirrers, peace promoters, the best GIF-ers, photoshop specialists, wordsmiths, historians/researchers/googlers, sunshine pumpers, grammer police, coach haters, poor spellers, homers, apologists, realists, optimists, pessimists, and a handful of people who actually know what they are talking about (if we have too many knowledgeable, informed, & rational posters we will be immediately exposed…remember, most of this will be done on sports message boards so dumb is better). Oh, a few attorneys are a must. Maybe more than a few. One more thing, anyone with even one day of Mod experience is not eligible. Real trolls don’t email Mods unless you are trolling them of course. That is encouraged. Otherwise, they are the enemy.

Lastly, we might consider operating as a non-profit and donating all profits (which could be as much as hundreds of dollars annually) either to Ole Miss Athletic Foundation or one of the various football, basketball or baseball fund-raising groups . And that is non-negotiable. If anyone even suggests contributing even one dollar to Academics you are out.

There are several Rebelgrovers I’d like to discuss their joining “Rent-A-Troll” in some capacity. Will start posting a list soon but a few targets are listed below. Also registered the following domains and Twitter accounts: “Troll Sharks,” “Troll-Mart,” and finally “MicroTroll”…

Some of possible 5-star Troll Team Prospects Include:
-BubbaCav (obvious reasons)
-Chance (shouldn’t need an explanation here either)
-WPMan (I know it’s not your style but with your skills and the right team you could be the Ultimate Troll)
-TexasRebel1987 (excellent w/one liners, skilled GIF-er, can spot dumb posts without even clicking on the thread)
-Colonel (Already showing solid troll potential but even brighter future due to desire, having a tremendous off-season)
-Grove (I’m guessing there might be a few Bulldog Reps. potential for high entertainment value)
-Bilbo (Info, legendary contributor, need at least one level-head, will have to forget Hog Hating, focus on Dog Hating)
-Chess(high-level wit; few Dogs will even get his jokes;ideal for trolling; has an MSU Alum ever won a State Chess Title? )
-Rebel Man (Lead fandom extremist trainer. If he can get trolls to defend all-things State with his same passion look out!)
-OM49/45 (youthful energy, both appear to be proven State Haters and committed posters).

Seriously, it’s not the WORST idea ever. Definitely not on this board. Now the post itself could be, but I blame the heat. Professional trolling services…that is the future of anonymous online/social media harassment ….”

Here is his follow up post:

“Thanks to all the early ‘commits.’ That’s already a pretty strong nucleus. Hopefully this will have a domino effect on others.
And I appreciate those who responded with nice comments.


I like it. Some quantitative analysis would be awesome. (For example, is it better to have 7-8 different trolls rate every State thread a one star for an entire week, or should you just use 7-8 guys and have them give that one poster who actually takes his personal rating seriously and drop 7-8 one stars on every post he makes for that week?) Last sentence was top notch as well.

As far as the cow bells, I think it’s time we put an end to the Janga-Langa-Janga-Langa. That dude getting hit in the head was on the right track. But one State fan and his single cowbell is not enough. That number needs to be in double digits, like a 5-on 5 melee with 10 bells being used as weapons. They don’t have to actually be State fans…as long as they look like them. Anybody get where I’m going with this? If so, I might know a guy…”

‘Devil’ remark disappoints Nick Saban

As usual, Nick Saban takes the high road and comes out smelling like roses. You have to believe he is very difficult to work for but his coaching tree is a college football spring board. This makes the 2nd time an SEC coach has referred to him as the devil in some sort of way. They’d love him if he were losing.- @BeastManSteve

from ESPN.com

Alabama coach Nick Saban responded Thursday to critical comments made by a former assistant coach, calling Tim Davis’ words “terribly disappointing.”

Davis, now Florida’s offensive line coach, called Saban “the devil himself” while comparing him to Gators coach Will Muschamp during a booster club meeting Tuesday.

Saban spoke to the media before a promotional tour stop at Turner Field in Atlanta.

“I try to do right by the people that work for me,” Saban said, according to AL.com. “It’s a tough, demanding job. And at the same time, if anybody had an issue or problem with me, I would want them to just tell me.”

Davis’ comments came less than four months after Vanderbilt coach James Franklin referred to Saban as “Nicky Satan” during a high school sports banquet. Franklin later apologized for his comment, claiming it was meant strictly as a joke.

“Twice. On two occasions,” Saban said Thursday. “It’s just disappointing. If somebody has a problem with me, I’d appreciate it if they’d tell me. If I’m doing something to offend somebody, I’d certainly like to do whatever I have to do to fix it. It’s not our intention. It’s not what we try to do.

“We’re in a tough business. It’s very competitive. Sometimes you’ve got to demand that people do things that maybe they don’t want to do, but it’s not personal.”

Davis worked for Saban as the Miami Dolphins’ offensive line coach for two seasons before becoming the director of player personnel at Alabama in 2008.

“I’ve always wanted to work with Will [Muschamp],” Davis said at a booster club meeting Tuesday. “Will’s got a plan. Will coached under the devil himself for seven years. I only did three. He did seven. And his DNA is not any different than Nick.”

Saban said he didn’t blame Muschamp, also a former assistant, or the Gators for Davis’ comment.

“I know it’s not representative of Will Muschamp and the University of Florida and the way they do things,” Saban said. “I know that, because I’m close enough to Will to know that.”

Ranking the Top SEC Recruiters

247 sports has a really cool feature they recently unveiled where they rank not only the players and classes but also the assistant coaches doing the work. They have a point system where the coaches gets points for each commitment as the primary or secondary recruiter. The average numerical rating for the prospects is heavily weighted as well. There are currently 4 SEC assistants in the national top 10. There are 22 coaches in the top 50. I would theorize that by National Signing Day that the SEC will take a large chunk of the top 100. It’s good to keep in mind that its really early for 2014 recruiting but this is something pretty cool that I’ll pay close attention to as the summer camp circuit draws near. This feature really allows you to see who the “ace recruiter” is on your staff for that particular recruiting cycle. Keep in mind that I hand picked and ranked the SEC coaches out of the national rankings (this ranking does not reflect their national ranking).

1. David Beaty (Texas A&M)- Currently has 5 prospects committed. (3) 4 stars and (2) 3 stars for a total of 71.12 points.

2. Clarence McKinney (Texas A&M)- Currently has 4 prospects committed. (1) 5 star and (3) 4 stars for a total of 65.57 points.

3. Kirby Smart (Bama)- Currently has 5 prospects committed. (4) 4 stars and (1) 3 star for a total of 63.76 points.

4. Dameyune Craig (Auburn)- Currently has 4 prospects committed. (1) 4 star and (3) 3 stars for a total of 59.78 points.

5. Matt Luke (Ole Miss)- Currently has 4 prospects committed. (3) 4 stars and (1) 3 star for a total of 57.61 points.

6.Frank Wilson (LSU)- Currently has 4 prospects committed. (2) 4 stars and (2) 3 stars for a total of 57.36 points.

7. Corey Raymond (LSU)- Currently has 4 prospects committed. (1) 5 star, (2) 4 stars, and (1) 3 star for a total of 54.34 points.

8. Vince Morrow (Kentucky)- Currently has 4 prospects committed. (1) 4 star and (3) 3 stars for a total of 51.83 points.

9. Tommy Thigpen (Tennessee)- Currently has 5 prospects committed. (1) 5 star, (1) 4 star, and (3) 3 stars for a total of 51.14 points.

10. Derrick Nix (Ole Miss)- Currently has 4 prospects committed. (1) 4 star and (3) 3 stars for a total of 50.22 points.

11. Mark Elder (Tennessee)- Currently has 3 prospects committed. (1) 4 star and (2) 3 stars for a total of 47.53 points.

12. Brad Lawing (Florida)- Currently has 2 prospects committed. (2) 4 stars for a total of 45.71 points.

41. Tony Hughes (Mississippi State)- Currently has 1 prospect committed. (1) 4 star for a total of 21.91 points.