MSU Pre-Spring Roster and Thoughts


Yesterday MSU released its  Pre-Spring 2  deep depth chart and many eyebrows were raised across the state as fans immediately started breaking it down. Before I go any further, Dan Mullen was quoted as saying something along the lines of this depth chart not meaning anything. While that is correct, I still believe that it gives us a good idea of who we will see get reps next year and also who had a good offseason and gave themselves a shot at getting on the field more.

Let’s look at some of what I thought were surprises:

-Justin Senior (soph) appeared on the depth chart as the 2nd team LT. I have been wondering who was going to claim that spot because many have been given a chance at T. Good to see a clear backup for Blaine Clausell.

-Josh Robinson (soph) has the 2nd spot at RB. He is also listed at 5’9 225, which means he has gotten bigger. 2nd RB will be hotly contested this spring and even more so in the fall when Nick Griffin returns.  Do not count out Derrick Milton.

-Jeremy Chappelle (jr) starts of pre spring as a 2nd team WR backing up Robert Johnson. Many believe he has a chance to unseat Joe Morrow as the 2nd starter. We will have to see.

-Fred Brown (rFr) started as a 2nd team WR. That might not mean much to many but it is a shock to me. He came from a running offense in high school and had a lot to learn. I’m shocked sr Ricco Sanders is not backing up Morrow.

-Winston Chapman (soph) is our starting snapper right now. The reason I include him is because I’ve never heard of him and that’s a more important spot then a lot of fans realize. It’s only a big deal when he sails one over the punters head.

-Ryan Brown (soph) and AJ Jefferson (rFr) grabbed the backup DE spots. Brown saw action last year but Jefferson getting the other speaks to the offseason he had. Torrey Dale (rFr) is a guy a lot of fans are excited about but he couldn’t crack the initial top 2. Competition will be intense here, especially with Chris Jones on the way.

-Justin Cox (jr) getting a starting spot at CB from the get-go is somewhat a surprise. I thought he’d end up with it but start off with the 2’s.

-Kaleb Eulls (jr) got the starting nod at DT. I have to preface what I’m about to say with the fact that he is a great kid and great ambassador for MSU. In 26 career games as the starting DE he had 1 sack and 4 TFL. If he’s going to start at DT his production needs to spike dramatically. Great kid by all accounts but his numbers at DE will not cut it in the SEC.

-No Quay Evans (soph) in the 2 deep has many fans scratching their heads. Arguably our most talented DT and not in the early rotation. If he works hard this spring I can see that changing. I think it’s on him. He’s a potential future early NFL draft pick so he should be motivated to go all out.

-No Richie or Beni Brown (both rFr) is the LB 2 deep. It’s not a shock to me when you see how veteran the group is. Our top 5 guys have gotten extensive game reps and Zach Jackson has been in the program a year before them. I wouldn’t worry. They’ll probably play all special teams and push hard for reps.


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