Phil Steele Smokes Peyote

Phil Jackson told us, “well first of all, you don’t smoke peyote” but I’m not so sure Phil Steele hasn’t found a way. No one appreciates the mountain of information he brings more than me. One of my favorite things to do is find the head scratchers and wonder what recreational substances Phil Steele was using while he made these predictions.

Steele outlined 14 teams that have the makeup to win a national title and they are: Alabama, Notre Dame, Florida, Ohio St, Florida St, Oregon, LSU, South Carolina, Michigan, Stanford, North Carolina, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, and Northwestern.

The ones I have major issues with:

Notre Dame- Give me a break. They lost their elite talent to the draft, their QB to suspension, and they got absolutely boat raced in the NC last year.

Florida- Really good team that doesn’t have enough offense. Lost a lot from last year, particularly at RB but their road through the SEC will provide 2-3 losses and then throw in FSU…

Oregon- They have the players but lost Chip Kelly. They have to prove to me than can win without him.

Northwestern- good football team that had nowhere near the athletes needed to win a NC. Not even close.

Vanderbilt- I love what James Franklin has done at Vandy. That said, Vandy and a NC, lolololololololololololololololololol.

Now a few tidbits if interest to MS folks:

-Jordan Mathews and Mike Evans beating Donte Montcrief for the 1rst team All-SEC WR is insanity.

-How in the world is CJ Johnson 4th team and a guy who has never played a snap (Robert Nkemdiche) ahead of him on the 3rd team?

-If there are 4 centers better than Dillon Day they will have to show it because I don’t believe it.

-Tyler Russell not making the 4th team but Jeff Driskell making any pre season SEC honor is nuts.

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